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Portland, ME

Made in Maine, Scandinavian-Inspired Print and Pattern, Designed and Handmade For Every Day Use in the Home. Created in late 2011, Lilleputt is the creative studio of Annika Schmidt.


junk vs. treasure

Annika Schmidt

I’ve been digging through all the materials in my studio trying to clear out space and make my storage ‘usable’ storage space, rather than static storage crowding the studio. Since school (well, since forever really) I’ve been collecting materials, both conventional and unconventional (I just threw out a huge stack of that plastic orange webbing that comes wrapped over boxes of clementines I’d been holding on to).  But until this year, I hadn’t been making much of anything, so everything seemed to hold the potential to become something. Now that I am actually ‘making’ regularly, I have a much better sense of what materials I am inclined and want to use, and those that I really don’t.  Like beads. I have a lot of beads, probably from my childhood, and half of them I will never use (the other half, I may or may not). These ceramic beads though (in the photo), I’m set on finding a purpose for. Especially with this pretty little clasp I found them wrapped up with.

My Spring-Summer cleaning has been taking a little while, but I have a mostly full trash bag, and a growing pile set aside for a yard sale. Not to mention a feeling of accomplishment. And lilleputt is back to mostly clean, usable space so hopefully I can get back to the making part of things. Luckily it’s pretty cool in there in spite of this heat wave. I was enjoying the 60 degree weather.