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Portland, ME

Made in Maine, Scandinavian-Inspired Print and Pattern, Designed and Handmade For Every Day Use in the Home. Created in late 2011, Lilleputt is the creative studio of Annika Schmidt.


pain in the neck.

Annika Schmidt

This bib was a fun challenge; or rather, fun to draft the pattern and then fun to finish. I’d be super happy with it if I didn’t absolutely need to redesign the pattern to make the making part easier. Bit of a nightmare to make, really.  And not in a way that I think would get easier each time.

This was made yesterday; today was mostly spent trying to nap away whatever it was I did to my neck in my sleep. Ouch. Though I did make it out for an interview; looks like I’ll be helping out a dance costume designer with production in her studio.  I never really was a sparkles and frills girl myself, but it should be fun. And I think I’ll learn a lot. So in spite of really not doing anything today, I’m feeling very accomplished. And hopefully I’ll wake up fresh and nimble to give my talk at MCA tomorrow!