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Portland, ME

Made in Maine, Scandinavian-Inspired Print and Pattern, Designed and Handmade For Every Day Use in the Home. Created in late 2011, Lilleputt is the creative studio of Annika Schmidt.


recognize this room?

Annika Schmidt

Look familiar? Lilleputt has moved! (To the other side of the wall). Earlier this week I began with some subtle hinting: “Gosh, the evening light in the studio is so pretty… wouldn’t this make a lovely bedroom?” I never thought he’d go for it. But a couple days later my chef came to me with the suggestion that Lilleputt move to the big room. There is still plenty of unpacking to be done (ignore the clutter)…. but look at all that space!


It’s no longer “I can’t make everything fit”, it’s everything ALMOST fits! We even pulled the desk in to make it a shared work space; and it’s nice having company. It’s nice being able to fit company, really. I have a feeling the move will continue to be a work in progress as I tackle organizing projects, but the change feels good! 

Now all I need is a tall cutting table to replace the folding card table to make it perfect…