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Portland, ME

Made in Maine, Scandinavian-Inspired Print and Pattern, Designed and Handmade For Every Day Use in the Home. Created in late 2011, Lilleputt is the creative studio of Annika Schmidt.


Swedish Semlor.

Annika Schmidt

Looking for a way to indulge this Fat Tuesday?

Swedish semlor are a cardamom bun carved out and filled with a moist blend of almond paste, crumbs and milk… and topped with whipped cream. I used this recipe, featured in a story of (the other) Portland Swedes on NPR. (I used almond paste instead of ground almonds in the filling). This isn’t a tradition I grew up with, but was introduced to when I was studying in Sweden. And I have to say, as much as I love these delightful little buns, you really only need one a year! I cut this recipe in half and still have more than we need - but the buns by themselves make a nice little treat.

Happy festivities! …And eating!