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Portland, ME

Made in Maine, Scandinavian-Inspired Print and Pattern, Designed and Handmade For Every Day Use in the Home. Created in late 2011, Lilleputt is the creative studio of Annika Schmidt.


SWEA Boston's Yuletide Market

Annika Schmidt


Good news! We'll be setting up at SWEA Boston's Swedish Yuletide Market again this December, so save the date!

Saturday, December 5th, 2015 10am-5pm
Cyclorama at Boston Center for the Arts
539 Tremont Street

Photos from the 2014 Yuletide market taken by my dear friend, Jessie Clements, of J&S Photography.

More info on the sale on SWEA Boston's Facebook Page.

...And as usual this year, we will be sending out a coupon to offset the $10 door fee, so be sure to sign up for our Newsletter!


Julbocken kommer.

Annika Schmidt


Back in Maine for peak-leaf colors, and it's time to face it, it's coming.  (Julbock mugs and cards now in the shop!)


Foraged apples.

Annika Schmidt


Our crisper drawers are still full of unidentified apples from our yard, so we have baskets sitting out about the apartment until we get to work, Frostbites, Alamedas, and a handful of Black Oxfords we finally get to try... And I just identified the final scent that I couldn't never put my finger on, but one that always brings me back to mormors house. Melting butter and steamed milk always take me back to her kitchen, rain on slate to searching for green snails in her yard, and now that slightly sour smell of maturing apples, to her orchard and the cellar, where years of winter-stored apples leave a comforting smell that never quite went away.

Orange Poppies

Annika Schmidt


A new variation on my poppy print; a ring of poppies for my friends on their wedding day. Perfectly matches the nasturtium growing in my window.


Elsa Beskow.

Annika Schmidt


My mom was amused when I suggested she was inspired by Elsa Beskow when she made this little ceramic hut/vessel, but opening 'The Children of Hat Cottage', a mutual favorite children's book of us, I think it's safe to say we share this same inspiration.

Thank you!

Annika Schmidt


Our Fund on Etsy campaign wrapped up today, and while we did not meet our funding goal (and therefore will not be adding ceramic travel mugs to our collection), we were excited to participate in Ety's new platform, and as always, appreciate your interest and support in our work!

So just as a reminder, those of you that placed orders (thank you!!), you will NOT be charged for the purchase, and sadly, will not receive your order either. Therefore, we are offering this coupon through the month of July as a 'Thank You' (also for everyone's patience through all these Fund on Etsy posts). The new Puffin mug is now available in our shop, and we will of course continue to offer our standard 15 ounce printed mugs.

Thanks, everyone!!

(Coupon code: FundOnEtsy2015, redeemable in our Etsy shop only)

Pantone Dala Horses

Annika Schmidt


Pantone Dala Horses! (Also, in Gray).

...There's just a few days left of our Fund on Etsy campaign, and while admittedly a long shot, we're still taking orders! If you prefer a Dala horse travel mug in a color other than red, just send a note with your order and we'll make it happen. Thanks, everyone!!


Annika Schmidt


Glad Midsommar, Happy Midsummer! (This is not where I am right now, I wish! Some years ago, in Blekinge). We're celebrating tomorrow with our Goddaughter, but wishing you all a wonderful evening of good food and good company (and flowers, and dancing, and music...)

Fund on Etsy Campaign: Ceramic Travel Mugs

Annika Schmidt


Our BIG SECRET PROJECT revealed (as part of a much bigger secret project)... and our new Puffin design available at last! .... Both on our usual mug, AND NOW ON A CERAMIC TRAVEL MUG.

The details: Today, Etsy launched a new platform for crowdfunding, and we were invited to participate with an initial group of 60 or so other shops. We were excited to participate so we decided to run a quick 15 day campaign (starting TODAY) to gauge interest in a new product line. Our printed mugs have been so popular, and with a simple adaption, our mug press can be used to print ceramic travel mugs (something I personally have been in search of for ...years).

So if this is something you would like to see, please place your order soon. You will only be charged (and receive your mug) if we are fully funded, and we will only add this new product to our general offering if fully funded, so if you really want your mug(s) please help us spread the word.

To help fund the upfront cost of getting set up to offer ceramic travel mugs, we are also offering our standard mug with select designs (with the new puffin design!) at a slight discount ($24, including shipping, instead of $25.95). And a limited number of paired mugs are available (a pair of mugs and one matching travel mug.... ALL puffins?!)...

If you're not sure yet, you can "Follow" our campaign to see who else is interested before you commit.

And if I've missed anything, please ask questions here. You can read our full campaign (and purchase) here:…/ceramic-printed-travel-mugs-take-you…

PS. Thank you all for your continued support and interest... and thank you to whoever bought that first mug!

Annika Schmidt


...And if you want to read more about Etsy's Fund on Etsy pilot program, here are some words from them, and a direct link to their FAQ:

"Fund on Etsy is a crowdfunding pilot program to help Etsy sellers grow their businesses and create new products. It has been envisioned as a way to expand the Etsy Economy, where creative entrepreneurs find meaningful work and thoughtful consumers discover and buy unique goods while building relationships with the people who sell to them.

Funds raised through these products enable sellers to grow their businesses in various ways, from studio expansions to purchasing new tools to hiring a helping hand. Growth means different things to different people, and Fund on Etsy will allow sellers to continue to grow on their own terms. "

And yes, that's us, located top and center!


Annika Schmidt


In just a couple days, our new Puffin Mug will finally be available for purchase... In conjunction with another, bigger, secret project we've been working on. Stay tuned next week!

Lupins on the hill

Annika Schmidt


Another sign of Midsummer just around the corner... Lupins! Anyone planning festivities or raising a midsommarstången this year?

Annika Schmidt


June 1st means Midsummer is just a couple weeks away! Trying to impress your traditional Swedish in-laws? Or looking for a special piece to complete your table setting? New Dala Horse items in the shop.

An anniversary, of sorts.

Annika Schmidt


A year ago today my appendix decided to self-destruct, and made a pretty darned good attempt to take me with it. It's easy to look back with the separation of time, but the weeks in the hospital and multiple infections and surgeries that followed pushed me to a place both physically and mentally that I never expected to find myself, without hope and without the strength or will to keep at it. The resilience of the body, but also how long it takes to heal are really something to marvel at. I promised myself I'd hold on to the perspective I gained from the experience, and not to take my days for granted, but with time and distance it's hard not to grow complacent. So today I sit and reflect. I still remember the kind words and support we received from friends, family and strangers, and so many of you on here, so for that I thank you and I won't say anything trite like "stop and smell the flowers" (...but maybe do it anyway).